Smart Integrated Modular Energy System

Efficient and multi-stage control structure for power flow in Smart Integrated Modular Energy System microgrids

Smart Integrated Modular Energy System is a fully optimized DC microgrid system using renewable energy. The R&D team developed a DC microgrid control strategy for a system with a total capacity of up to 1MW. The results of simulation studies confirmed the effectiveness of the control algorithms for individual power units in all variants of controller operation. The resulting converter modules in our PowerBox have been adapted to support photovoltaic installations, the latest energy storage solutions and ultrafast electric vehicle charging stations (up to 300 kW!).

Control algorithms after simulation verification are implemented on the most efficient microprocessor controllers (FPGA, DSP). Control systems ensure integration with SCADA/HMI panels as well as with IT infrastructure devices. WIBAR’s industrial IT specialists work on network security system ensuring cyber security and full access authorization in Smart Integrated Modular Energy System microgrid. Each control algorithm is tested in a multi-stage verification process. WIBAR’s R&D team conducts comprehensive testing of its solutions ranging from computer simulation studies, Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) simulations to experimental testing on a demonstrator.

The control in the Smart Integrated Modular Energy System hybrid energy storage block will be programmed to store excess energy obtained from RES, taking into account the lifetime of the storage and the high dynamics of current changes, e.g. for fast charging of electric vehicles.

Smart Integrated Modular Energy System is a breakthrough in the topic of optimizing power flow control in microgrids, which has been undertaken for several years! WIBAR team is doing its best to implement its concept of modular Smart Grid system in accordance with the idea of Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Kamil Bzura, Modeling and Simulation Specialist




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Smart Integrated Modular Energy System

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